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Resources to help you step toward your goals!

Step Toward Your Goals
Resources and Information:

Private Coaching Application (for prospective students)

Pointe and Pre-pointe Exercises (coming soon)

Standards of Respect (As a dance educator, these are the rules and standards I enforce in my classes):

  • Respect for Authority (all teachers, staff, subs, administrators, etc)

  • Respect for Others (all fellow dancers)

  • Respect for the Space (and property)

  • Respect for Yourself (show up to class on time, prepared, and ready to do your very best. Make your future self proud of the work you put in today!).

A Dancer's Guide to Surviving COVID-19 Closures and Quarantines:

ONLINE RESOURCES: Below you will find a list of online resources for ballet dancers, dance students, and dance educators (i.e. online ballet classes, pointe work, yoga, pilates, gyrotonics, etc). I thought it might be helpful to compile a list. Hopefully this will be a helpful tool for you as you explore ways to train from home.



Here are some additional ballet friendly cross-training opportunities and resources.

  • Gyrotonics: Align Fitness By Allie offers incredible online specialty courses for dancers (i.e. improve your flexibility, turn-out, or pointe).

  • Yoga by Alex Roberts (Alex has many free and donation based classes available online)

  • CorePower Yoga (free online classes)

  • Ballet Inpsired Work-outs through The Ballet Spot (ballet-inspired online classes)

Instagram accounts to follow:

@alignfitnessbyallie (cross-training resource)

@4pointe (strengthen your pointe work)

@dptfitdance (cross-training resource)

@danceprehab (cross-training resource)

@dancerwearroyale (free classes taught by pros)​

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