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I didn't know ballet could be so sweaty.

Anonymous Student

I loved playing for Madison and her classes. Though at first it seemed a daunting task, this worry melted away after my first day of playing. She was incredibly supportive and perfectly able to answer all my questions along the way. My time spent learning with her prepared me very well to be able to perform my current work with The New Ballet.


Accompanist at The New Ballet/Former Musical Accompanist Intern

Madison has been an answered prayer for us! She is very accommodating and very detail oriented. From our first session, Madison has provided us such helpful feedback and recommendations. She also went out of her way to provide us so many resources that I️ wish our own studio could have taken the time to provide for us. My daughter is so looking forward to continue to improve her dancing with Madison’s coaching! We are so very happy with Madison!!


CoachUp Client

"Madison has not only helped me improve my ballet technique dramatically but she has actually helped me improve my health. I have two hip diseases that inhibit me from executing moves properly and, over time, cause me much pain. However, this never scared Madison. Her extensive knowledge on anatomy, ballet, and how they work in complement with each other has not only made me a better dancer but strengthened my hips so I am able to move without any pain. I am truly grateful for all Madison does and her patience with me. She is an exceptional teacher and wonderful person. I recommend her to everyone and anyone."


Adult Dancer/Student

Madison has been my instructor for about 2 ½ years, and I have greatly benefited from her. I have learned many new techniques during this time, and her wealth of knowledge is very evident. Her exceptional ability in the category of expression and artistry, enables her to effectively relate her expertise in this area to her students. She communicates insights and examples very well, and makes things easier to understand. As a result, I feel that Madison’s coaching methods have helped me to progress at a faster rate. I firmly believe that anyone who has the opportunity to receive instruction from her would benefit a great deal, as I surely have.



Madison Morris is an exceptionally talented dancer. There is no question of her gifts when watching her dance or when examining her very impressive resume. But what makes her so special is her kindness, dedication, passion, and eye for detail. These traits make her an incredible dance coach and person. Many people can dance beautifully, but few possess the capacity to endow their knowledge and passion to a pupil. I have been lucky enough to have had the opportunity to be a student of Madison's and have benefited from her rare ability to share her love of dance through teaching. Her encouraging words both inspire and improve dancers of all ages. She gives corrections with a positive and supportive attitude as well as conveying them descriptively which enables a dancer to "feel" the movement and music with new qualities. Her style of teaching transcends Ballet from mundane technicalities to an enjoyable exploration for improved technique and real dancing. If you are lucky enough to have the opportunity to hire or take class from Madison, I recommend her to the utmost degree! She is an extremely qualified, accomplished, knowledgeable, and all around lovely person!


Former Student

Madison is one of the best recent teachers I have had. She is great for all levels. Her classes are fun for the new ballet student as well as the advanced. She has a strong background and emphasizes technique through her class but with a fun and energetic style. I highly recommend taking her class no matter what level.


Professional Dancer

Coach Madison was better than we could have hoped. She evaluated the ability of my daughter and created a personal plan to help her to reach her goals. My daughter not only enjoyed her private lessons with Madison, but really improved her technique in a very short time. Her goal was to be more consistent in her pirouette's before auditioning for competition teams and her very first solo. She has more speed, better posture, and can get in one more pirouette. Thank you coach, Madison! We can't wait to book more lessons with you.

Best, Lorissa (happy mom)


CoachUp Client

I have been taking Madison's class for about 4 years. Her class is always fun. I never "get used to it" because the sequences she gives are always different. That is one of the interesting parts of her class. She encourages us to try a lot of hard things. Sometimes I criticize myself and almost fall into negative thought but her encouragement pushes me to try anyway, and it works and gives me positive experience. I really enjoy her class, and highly recommend to take her class.


Adult Dancer/Student

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