Ballet: Masterclasses, Workshops, and Private Coaching

Madison is available for masterclasses, workshops, and private/semi-private coaching sessions. Masterclasses offer a wonderful opportunity for students to glean insights from a guest teacher. Workshops can be crafted and customized to fit a given studio's goals and objectives (i.e. ballet technique, pointe, corps de ballet, variations, partnering, etc). Private and semi-private coaching is an incredibly effective way to refine technique and artistry and/or to hone in on particularly challenging skills or individual goals. Contact Madison at to discuss availability, rates, and specific goals for your masterclass, workshop, or private lessons.

Gymnastics: Dance Coach

Madison is a USA Gymnastics (USAG) certified instructor who utilizes her extensive experience in gymnastics and dance to help gymnasts refine their overall technique and presentation on balance beam and floor. As a Dance Coach, she seeks to improve gymnasts' understanding and execution of dance technique, skills, and choreography through a balanced emphasis on fluidity and precision.

Want a qualified Dance Coach at your gym's next camp? Would your gymnasts benefit from a dance workshop or intensive? Contact Madison at to help your gymnasts put the "artistic" back in "artistic gymnastics."

Cross-Training Athletes:

Cross-training with ballet has proven effective for a wide array of athletes seeking to improve their game (i.e. Herschel Walker, Willie Gault, Lynn Swann, Rio Ferdinand, etc). Adding ballet to the training regiment aids in injury prevention, increases overall body awareness, and improves body mechanics, coordination, alignment, flexibility, agility, strength, balance, footwork, etc. Whether practiced to prevent injury or improve performance on the field, cross-training with ballet gives athletes a competitive edge. 


Contact Madison at to discuss specific goals and create a targeted plan to help your players reach new heights in their athletic performance.

Accompanists: Learn to Play for Ballet Classes

Accompanists play a significant role in ballet and the performing arts. In 2017, Madison founded an internship to prepare and equip accomplished musicians (i.e. pianists) to accompany ballet classes. Contact Madison at for more details and information regarding the Musical Accompanist Internship.

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